FRYD Drip Fried Ice Cream Cake

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FRYD Drip Fried Ice Cream Cake

FRYD Liquids are best known for making some of the most delicious fried pastry dessert treats that will satisfy many taste palettes. Consisting of a robust line of delicious flavors, FRYD brings you the warm summer night boardwalk experience in the form of tasty flavors. Each flavor is a unique combination of delicious summer dessert treats. Expect max VG blends with top quality ingredients to bring you decadent flavors for a grand experience.

  • Drip Fried Ice cream cake - Take a yellow sponge cake filled to the bring with vanilla frosting and fry it. The results are a lip licking deliciousness that you'll find very difficult to put down.

Comes in a 60ML Unicorn Bottle