E-Cig Cartomizer Cartridges / Filters

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E-Cig Cartomizer Cartridges / Filters

Smoking Revolution provides our customers with the best and most favorable smoking sensation.

With the adaptation of a combined atomizer and cartridge there is a 100 percent guarantee for no leakage.

Having one of the highest standards of cartomizers in the industry we promise a longer lasting smoking experience- up to 360 puffs, about the same as 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. Smoking revolution cartomizers are packaged to ensure optimal freshness and flavor. Cartridges come in eight flavors and nicotine levels to perfect your experience.

Each box comes with 5 E-Cig Cartomizers prepackaged inside.



  • 1 x Package of 5 cartomizers ( Your choice of strength and flavor)


 This product is covered by the City Vapor & E-Cig / Smoking Revolution warranty policy.